No enquiry just to thank you all for giving me the music I like. I have it Full blast the kids keep telling me to turn it down, no chance. PS I am 67. My turn. From Ty | Just thought I'd tell you guys that your play list is unbelievable! Along with the usual mix of old and new Rock'n'roll and bits of good Metal, I love your work. Keep playing REAL music please From Rob | I wanted to tell you that I love your radio station. I live in Arizona in the US. I found your radio station a few weeks back. I have not stopped listening ever since. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great music. From Richard | It feels like I have been waiting my whole life for this radio station. At last. A radio station that actually plays rock music. Thanks. From Mark | Hey! Listening live in Regina, Canada right now! Love the Rebel! Rock 'n' roll 4ever! From Myles | Just heard Sublime on the radio for the first time in ages!!! Totally made my day! Rebel FM is the BEST radio station out there! Thankyou! From Lachlan | Hi, how's it goin? You guys have the best radio station..BAR NONE! I've never come across another station like yours, it's the best…From Spencer | Congratulations Rebel FM. You have stepped out of the norm and bring to us a true rock format covering all demographics. I love it. Greg Woods ex 4GR, 4IP (70's), 4WK, 4AK,4SS, SEA FM, GOLD FM and bla bla bla. Keep up the great sound and don't let the commercialism crap enter your world. From Greg |

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