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Rock a way with the Rebel!

Rock a way with the Rebel!


Rebel listeners are a pretty damn faithful bunch so when they leave home or work, they take the Rebel with them. Now you can listen live to Rebel FM anywhere in the world, just search us up on the Tune In App on your phone.  

So where do you ROCK A WAY with the REBEL? 

We've had feedback from listeners cruising the Greek isles, camping out in the middle of Australia, from the back of a motorbike on a desert trek and more.

So whats the weirdest place you've taken the Rebel?  Tell us in 25 words or less, or show us with a quick video and you could win a JBL portable speaker from Harvey Norman Browns Plains, Loganholme and Garden City - the home of JBL portable Bluetooth speakers, for when you need big sound on the go!

We've also go some great runner up gift vouchers so you can head into Harvey Norman and pick up your own gear for Christmas!

Whether it's fly foxing Mt Cootha or just staying in touch on your jog each morning, get your thinking caps on now.  We're looking for the weirdest place you ROCK A WAY with the REBEL to win!

All thanks to the great team at Harvey Norman Browns Plains, Loganholme & Garden City. 

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